Noutheim was an alternative metal band that surfaced from the fringes of Swedish hillbilly ground. It was alive and active from approx. 1997-2000, 2009-2010, and briefly in 2015. It is now declared dead, but the music is available online.


From The Ashes

This is an album released in 2019, which contains new recordings of songs written in the late 1990's. A more detailed account of the work on this material can be read here: 

Stepping inside the creative mind of your seventeen-year-old self: On the Noutheim album From the Ashes

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The Horrid After

The album was released in 2015, a few years after the band was closed down, containing the final recordings of the band plus some new material. 


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Then Gravity Kicks In

An EP released in 2010. 


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