The Breaching Experiment


The Breaching Experiment is an ongoing musical exploration. Eclectic, apocalyptic, political and personal, furious but filled with ennui. It has produced several albums and songs, of which a selection of relevant ones are presented here. 


Shikasta Is Going Down

This single was released in 2019, with the original tracks released in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Lyrics are inspired by Doris Lessing's Shikasta series and the political landscape in Europe and elsewhere. 


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The album E.O.W. is a work of sociological metal, based on Erik Olin Wright's book Envisioning Real Utopias. It was released in 2019. Read the full release notes and lyrics here.  






The EP Anthropocene was released in 2019, and focuses on rhythms and bass lines, and lyrics around climate change, poetry, space and politics.  



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Doom Soon


The album Doom Soon was released in 2018, and is musically a punk-rock endeavor. The lyrics deal with political issues such as climate change, work and welfare, populist politics and online bullying. 


A video was produced for the song Arbetslinjen, see below. An outtake from the sessions is a cover of Bonnie "Prince" Billy's I See a Darkness, which can be heard here.  


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A rendering of Spock's Theme from the Star Trek episode "Amok Time", played on some far-off planet: