One part developing thinking, one part challenging structures, one part overcoming fears. 

To illuminate that which is hidden in plain sight. 

Church of Holes


Church of Holes is a two-person project, aiming to explore the unknown by means of improvisation. The purpose and approach is explained in the following conversation:


T: The holes refer, I guess, to all the pitfalls between what we believe in and how we function as humans and a society. Nothing works, and then we die. In between, we salute the illogical with our music. 

C: The lyrics have rather consequently focused on the holes in the existence, the gaps between what we believe and what we do, our dark sides, and peoples' bloody stupidity. Life as absurdity. Human co-existence as a gallery and the longing for meaning that makes us grasp for straws. 

T: Exactly like that; there's only shit to worship, so we build our own church on hopelessness and skepticism. 

C: And the method is just right. Improvise some shit, polish a bit and see what pops out. The truth, maybe? 


Ex Nihilo

The album was conceived in a cabin in the woods, after which it was edited, completed and released in 2018. Musically it is a slow and drum-bass-heavy exercise, and the lyrical themes revolve around weariness with the world, oneself and other people.   


Christian Ståhl: Bass VI, keyboards, vocals

Thomas Klintecorn: Guitars

Martin Knuts: Drums

A video for the track Ratatosk's Dilemma:

Vox Populi

This EP, released in 2016, lyrically circles around themes of human interaction, poverty, and the growth of right-wing politics. Musically, it a mix of heavy moods and a hint of death metal. 


Christian Ståhl: Bass, drums, keyboards, vocals 

Thomas Klintecorn: Guitars, vocals

A video for the track The Rot:

Church of Holes

The debut EP album was released in 2015 and is musically a mix of electronic music and metal, with lyrical themes around alienation, global warming, and weariness with humanity.  


Christian Ståhl: Bass, keyboards, drum programming, drums, vocals

Thomas Klintecorn: Guitars, vocals

A video for the track Parasites: