The Institute for Breaching Experiments


... is an experimental outlet which produces cultural products in various forms

... is aiming to illuminate that which is hidden in plain sight 

... is one part developing thinking, one part challenging structures, one part overcoming fears



October 18 2019

Today, The Breaching Experiment's Shikasta Is Going Down is released. It is a re-release of a couple of old tracks, originally released in 2013 and 2014. This release presents the tracks slightly edited. The title track, this time split in two, is inspired by Doris Lessing's Shikasta series and its analysis of human civilisation; the second track, "Less The Impact", is "inspired" by the rather depressing political landscape in Europe and elsewhere. 


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September 24 2019

A new blog post about the E.O.W. album was recently posted on UBI Lab Sheffield's website. 

Read it here.  

September 13 2019

E.O.W. is out today! Read the full release notes here. 

Listen, on Soundcloud or Spotify: 

August 30 2019

The first single from The Breaching Experiment's album E.O.W., Conform and Confirm, is live, via this youtube video: 

August 27 2019

New release from The Breaching Experiment: E.O.W. out on September 13th!

This is perhaps the first work in the genre sociological metal, where the album is based closely on Erik Olin Wright's book Envisioning Real Utopias. The album explores the ideas in the book through nine songs, beginning with a furious diagnosis of capitalism, and ending in an exploration of real utopias, narrated by Wright himself. 

Read the full release notes and lyrics here. 

June 26 2019

New publication (in Swedish): Det paradoxala arbetsförmågebegreppet

May 31 2019

Noutheim just released From The Ashes, a new album containing recordings of songs written in the late 1990's. Read more about the release here: 

Stepping inside the creative mind of your seventeen-year-old self: On the Noutheim album From the Ashes

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April 26 2019

The Breaching Experiment just published this rendering of Spock's Theme from the Star Trek episode "Amok Time", played on some far-off planet. 

March 18 2019

Christian Ståhl was just appointed adjunct scientist at the Institute for Work & Health in Toronto. 

Februari 15 2019

A new release from The Breaching Experiment, Anthropocene, is out.

This EP is a bass line bonanza - no guitars, no fuss (but some overdrive). Rhythmic, slightly apocalyptic. The opening track, Drip Drop, laments the pain of raining hopelessness, followed by the title track that again reflects on the human condition. The next, King of Starlings, was born from José Saramago’s book ”The Stone Raft”. Lunatic takes an astronomical perspective on our human problems, and Alpha Rhythm, finally, asks whether all of this maybe not happened at all. 

Now, your turn. Go listen. 


October 26 2018

A new punk-inspired outlet from The Breaching Experiment, Doom Soon, is now out. See video and Spotify below:

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